Unique tag and industrial ID system

  • Improves LO/TO effectiveness
  • Communicates risk details
  • Colour coded warnings


The SMS TAG-ID2 is suitable for a variety of industrial labelling, tagging, and ID situations, including;

  • Pipe marking
  • Wire wraps
  • Shrink tubes
  • Cable tags
  • RPL labels
  • Inspection labels
  • Product ID
  • GHS/CLP labels


The SMS TAG-ID2 is designed to give immediate improvements to your Lock-Out / Tag-Out programmes; producing 'customised', colour coded tags that clearly identify specific risks and give you the capability to customise your tags to be more effective, more flexible, and convey a stronger safety message. Equipment tagging with long lasting, almost indestructible tag materials, will allow greater tracking, inventory control, and ensure the tag stays with the goods for the duration of its journey or the time of its storage.

Creating tags that carry the benefit of colour coding and carry more detailed information on the nature of the risk adds greater clarity to the important message a tag is designed to give. Printed information is legible and easier to read - avoiding mistakes and issues with poor hand writing.


Durable tags and labels from a durable work horse

Tags come pre-formed, hole punched and perforated, ready to use, or on a continuous roll - giving both speed of creation, convenience, cost control, and total flexibility. PLUS; the SMS TAG-ID2 will also print die-cuts, raised profile labelling, shrink tube cable marking, cable tagging, and self-laminating cable wraps.

Designed to be cost effective and at an extremely affordable price, the SMS TAG-ID2 comes ready to be effective and includes NiceLabel Express software - a professional software that is designed for the purpose of label and tag creation.

The SMS TAG-ID2 is an entry level system that can be upgraded and evolves as demand increases or new technical labelling needs increase. The system can be upgraded with a powerful cutter and the NiceLabel can also be upgraded to add greater functionality - as you gain greater use from your TAG-ID2 system and realise how many label and identification challenges can be met by this in-house work horse.


To see this product in action have a look at our demonstration videos, or download our product guide.