SMS 400 | 430 | 200 | 300 | F1 Vinyl - High Tack

Industrial High Tack Vinyl Supplies

  • Suitable for difficult surfaces such as: low energy plastic, lightly oiled surfaces, concrete, wood
  • Conformable to shaped and moulded surfaces
  • High Tack Adhesive
  • Average 5 years outside durability in normal conditions
  • Compatible ribbon = Industrial Resin Ribbon SR10
Length x Width
20M x 15mm
20M x 25mm
20M x 30mm
20M x 60mm
20M x 100mm
           Clear ST70120015 ST70120015 ST70120015 ST70120015 ST70120015
  White ST70120015   ST70120015 ST70120015 ST70120015
  Yellow ST72020015   ST72020030 ST72020060 ST72020100
  Orange ST72020015   ST72020030 ST72020060 ST72020100
  Pink ST73320015   ST73320030 ST73320060 ST73320100
  Red ST73520015   ST73520030 ST73520060 ST73520100
  Dark Green ST74020015   ST74020030 ST74020060 ST74020100
  Light Green Pipe Marker ST74520015   ST74520030 ST74520060 ST74520100
  Dark Blue ST75020015   ST75020030 ST75020060 ST75020100
  Light Blue Pipe Marker ST75520015   ST75520030 ST75520060 ST75520100
  Brown Pipe Marker ST76020015   ST76020030 ST76020060 ST76020100
  Dark Brown ST76320015   ST76320030 ST76320060 ST76320100
  Light Brown ST76520015   ST76520030 ST76520060 ST76520100
  Purple Pipe Marker ST77020015   ST77020030 ST77020060 ST77020100
  Silver Grey Pipe Marker ST77520015   ST77520030 ST77520060 ST77520100
  Black ST78020015   ST78020030 ST78020060 ST78020100